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August 13, 2014
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Mattress Cleaning:

Mattress cleaning in Singapore has found a new dimension with Clean and Care services. The Company has an excellent expertise in both carpet and mattress cleaning and this has brought about an amazing convenience for the people in Singapore. People in Singapore nowadays in constant rush and they hardly have any time for cleaning their mattresses or carpets. However, with professional mattress cleaning services from Clean and care, one can always keep one’s mattress clean even if one is way too busy. Furthermore, the Clean and care Company offer the best mattress stain cleaning in Singapore at the most competitive mattress cleaning Singapore price. Below points for your easy reference about our mattress cleaning services.

  • Clean & Care uses the Dry and Green Technology method for the cleaning of mattresses.
  • Our process of cleaning is formulated from a deep extraction technique.
  • High quality and professional machines are used for the job.
  • We follow the formula of ‘no steaming’ and ‘no moisture’ for our mattress cleaning. The reason steam is not used or any kind of moisture is restricted is because even though steam does kill the bacteria but it does so only for a temporary time period.
  • With our dry deep extraction method the bacteria is removed from the mattress and not killed and then left in the mattress.
  • We don’t use UV light either, since is also kills the bacteria and leaves it inside the mattress. We want to extract rather than killing the bacteria and leaving it in the mattress itself.
  • We also specialize in stain and odor removal. We spray only eco-friendly products.


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